DNS records

Karel Falber
2018-12-13 10:57

DNS records for cloudhosting

If you use another DNS server then Snackhost and you don´t know what ip address you should use as A record, go to Dashboard ->  Cloud Hosting and select your domain.

After that you see ip address which you need to set up in your domain dns setting

Remember, that ip address is different for each php version! So if you change your PHP version, you need to change your DNS record as well. This is done automatically on SnackHost DNS servers where TTL is really small, but for remote DNS you need to change this manually.

Ip addresses are:

PHP 5.4 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::60
PHP 5.6 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::62
PHP 7.0 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::61
PHP 7.1 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::59
PHP 7.2 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::58
PHP 7.3 - ipv4   ipv6 2a00:1ed0:23::57

DNS records for emails

If you want to have your mailboxes in Snackhost and your domain is not using Snackhost DNS server, you have to set or change your DNS records.

You have to use these records

mx.snackhost.eu priority 10
mx.snackhost.cz priority 10
mx.snackhost.co.uk priority 20

and also set one TXT record with spf

v=spf1 include:snackhost.eu -all

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